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Jesters Academy Fancast Podcast - Macho interview.
June 15, 2018 09:20 PM PDT
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OMG guys it finally happened I got Macho to sit down in my room to record an episode and Dustin even called in!!!!!! I'm gonna go take a bath because i'm so wet.

Jesters Academy 46 - Mike Tysons Blanket Party
June 07, 2018 03:18 PM PDT
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Bob, Chris and Dustin create a new game show, Macho is dead again though. RIP

Jesters Academy 45 - Cher, your welcome
June 03, 2018 07:24 PM PDT
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The guys make up for dustin being mean to @Cher on twitter.

Jesters Academy 44 - Jesters Makes A Car
May 30, 2018 09:10 PM PDT
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Defeating Elon Musk, Better than Tesla, Hell hole, Age Of Edison

Jesters Academy Episode 43 - Jesters Life Hacks
May 22, 2018 09:48 PM PDT
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The guys give you them primo life hacks. Also Mayweather Vs. Mcgregor UFC rematch is a joke.

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Jesters Academy 42 - Jesters Makes a Theme park
May 17, 2018 12:24 AM PDT
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The guys try to start a theme park then things go off the rails... lol

Jesters Academy 41 - Doomsday Preppers #TeamDustin
May 07, 2018 06:38 PM PDT
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Jesters Academy Lesson Plan:

- Zombie Apocalypse
- Survival Kits
- God Tablets
- Macho Sucks
- Power Plants
- The slow mutiny building against Dustin

Jesters Academy Episode 40 - Blue Waffle House
May 04, 2018 07:22 PM PDT
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The guys desperately try to cling to the idea of making a new restaurant.

Lesson Plan:
-Dustin breaks the toilet at Dollar General
-Finns Annual Hobby Horse Championship
-Nobody wants a Macho Burger
-Look out Red Burrito, Blue Waffle is coming to town
-Much more meat jokes
and also I think Chris admits doing sexual favors for Will Smith

Jesters Makes a Ghost Hunting Show
May 01, 2018 06:47 PM PDT
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The guys decide to make a better tv show this time. Somehow it turns into a ghost hunters type show but not like you would think. Dustin hates it but in the immortal words of Macho, "We do it for Emmy" also Dustin drags John Cusack into it again... Whats his deal with J-Sack? Doesnt't matter cause here ya go!

Jesters Academy 38 - Jesters Makes a Phone App
April 28, 2018 04:18 PM PDT
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In todays climate technology rules, using that thought process the guys at Jesters Academy have decided to get some of that angry birds / Candy Crush Cash.

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